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Pam Wilson - эксперт АКС, владелец питомника скотч и силихем терьеров Wilscot's

Какой он силихем терьер..
   The Sealyham breed should be characterized as power and substance in a small package.
   He should have a friendly temperament with people, self-confidence, but can still be a variable hunter of the yard's vermin.
The Sealy, according to the American Sealyham Terrier Club, should be a dog of no more than 10.5 inches at the withers and his height should be equal with his length of body. He should have a moderate neck and a long broad powerful head. It   should be understood, that this is a dog of  "balance", nothing should be in the extreme.
    The Sealy's head should be about 3/4 of the height of the dog. It should be a head of length and broadness without being snipey or coarse. He should  have level or scissor bite  where the canines fit closely together. His nose should be black and his eyes dark and oval in shape.
His ears should be soft and thin and set level with the top of his skull. They should be of a length that fits his head without being hound-like. Here in the US, the dog is presented with a fall on its head. This fall covers most of the fore face.
   The Sealy's coat should be mostly white, allowing for some head and ear markings. Body markings are to be faulted. The reasoning behind the fault is that when the Sealy would come out of the ground from hunting the prey, the hounds would recognize him by his almost all white body. The Sealy's coat should consist of a soft undercoat and a harsh, wiry top coat. This coat helps to keep the Sealy weather resistant. The coat should be groomed to be tidy on the back, neck, head and ears. The furnishings should be also hard and not wispy.
   The Sealyham's movement should be strong and true both coming and going. There should be no evidence of turning in or out in the rear, and no paddling from the front. The dog should have good reach and drive. The tail should be up and held gaily whether docked or not.
    The Sealy is a wonderful family dog. Smart and loving, yet protective of of his family from outside vermin. The Sealy makes not only a great family companion, but also excels in both the sports of conformation and performance.

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